"Anatoly was key to my recovery from hip replacement surgery in May. During surgery I suffered nerve compression and numbness in my leg. Also, re-activated sciatic pain was excruciating. He came to my house to treat me when I could not walk, and completely relieved the pain for 6-8 hours. He helped me regain range of motion & feeling in my leg. I am still recovering from but have started warming-up on the tennis court. Anatoly's a miracle worker!" – Linda H, San Francisco

"Anatoly is an amazing massage therapist. I have been seeing him for a number of years now and he has helped me with so many aches and pains and kept me playing tennis and dancing. He understands the body very well and he knows lots of techniques that help with certain ailments. He's helped me with my shoulder, elbow, achilles tendon, hamstrings, back, neck and feet. Is there a place he hasn't helped? I've tried other therapists and I feel they don't make the difference Anatoly does. He's helped me be able to continue to play tennis several times a week and dance. He also gives me stretches to do which help a lot. I highly recommend him" – Claire C. San Francisco

"After suffering from chronic neck, spine, and lower back issues, and after having been to SF Sport and Spine for months of ineffective physical therapy, I felt incredibly frustrated. I met Anatoly Lemenov at the SF Tennis Club. Anatoly has a gift that very few people have. He is an expert in human anatomy and through his very unique form of massage and physical therapy, he can make most dull body pain and aches disappear for extended periods of time. My life has changed after only two 60 min. sessions with Anatoly. My back and neck pain are gone, and he also got rid of my sciatica. I honestly feel like a new person. He also debunked certain myths about flat shoes vs. heels. Anatoly is a wealth of information and he is passionate about wellness and healing pain through the alignment and readjustment of joints"
Rupa P, San Francisco.

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